Goodbye January, hello Feel Fab February!

Goodbye January, hello Feel Fab February!

🎉 I celebrated my 56th birthday in Dublin so I had that to look forward to in January 🎉

🤗 However, January is often the month that we set ourselves fitness and weight loss goals, but dark mornings and nights and miserable weather can leave us demotivated and we often crave comfort food at this time of year! 

So, give yourself a break! 

If your goals seem such a mountain to climb or you feel overwhelmed, try taking baby steps, changing one small thing at a time, rather than the ‘all or nothing’ approach. 

Small changes can lead to big results! 

Focus on achieving just one thing and do it consistently on repeat until it becomes a habit. Then introduce another small change and do exactly the same, repeating consistently. This is called habit stacking🤗

💦 A great habit to start with is drinking 2-3 litres of water a day. This is one of the pillars of fat loss! Your cells will hold onto water if they don’t know when they are getting their next drink,  making them and you, appear larger! 

Even 2% dehydration can leave you feeling tired and sluggish so start with improving this habit first and it may be enough to kick start your weight loss if that is your goal! 💦

Other great habits to ‘stack’ include:
🥂reducing alcohol – you’ll save a ton of calories and make healthier food choices
🚶‍♀increasing your walking steps or time out in fresh air – that will improve your mental health as well as your physical 
😋Add protein to each meal so that you feel fuller for longer 
🌱Eating more vegetables to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals 

🦶🦶Just one thing, baby steps, small changes and habit stack! 🦶🦶

If you are ready to say goodbye to January and want to feel fab in February, then come and try my MENOFIT™ 7 day taster course. 

I’ll help you break a few habits and create some new ones! 

Click the link below for more information: Goodbye January, hello Feel Fab February!

🎉 Take back control over your health and wellness journey and learn how to feel fabulous and confident again in February!🎉

I’ll help you all I can! 

Wishing you health and happiness,

Nina Lancaster 🤗

MenoFit 7 Day Mini Taster Course

MenoFit 7 Day Mini Taster Course

MenoFit 7 Day Mini Taster Course

Menofit Mini Taster Course – 7 Days

If you’re struggling to manage Menopause weight gain, you don’t have to tackle it alone!
Mini Taster course – 7 Days £7

🌱Day 1: Nutrition 
What you should be eating to get rid of Menopause weight gain!
The stages and symptoms of Menopause

🌱 Day 2: Mindset and Hormones 
Hormones- An overview; which ones cause fat storage and what you can do about it! 
Mindset – it all starts in your head but if you’re menopausal, that once confident person may be a shadow of her former self with low confidence, low mood and anxiety! I can give you tips to relieve these debilitating symptoms! 

🌱 Day 3 Sleep Managemet 
Are you getting 7-9 hours uninterrupted sleep? I can improve your sleep quality so that you feel like you have more energy to tackle the day! 

🌱 Day 4: Pelvic and joint health – Are you one of the one in three ladies that struggles with pelvic floor issues and painful joints? I can help decrease your pain and improve your pelvic floor! 

🌱 Day 5: Stress Management
If you were once a confident, organised, successful woman but suddenly feel anxious, lack self-belief or have panic attacks, then I can help with these symptoms and decrease your stress hormones which are fat storing! 

🌱 Day 6: Food behaviours and Habit Stacking
Do you eat mindfully or have an awareness of how food makes you feel? 
Even in a calorie deficit not all food is created equally! Are you eating foods that leave you feeling bloated and low in energy? 

🌱 Day 7: How to stay on track at the end of your mini course
Your health going forward. You’ll have a new mindset and momentum from your mini course. 
How to ensure you keep getting results to relieve your debilitating symptoms!

😊 We start 5th – 12th February 2023 🤗
£7 for just 7 Days
💪🏻 Exercise is optional! Join one of my online groups for FREE for one week 💪🏻
🤗 I’ll help you all I can 🤗

🎉 Take back control over your health and wellness journey and learn how to feel fabulous and confident again! 🎉

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