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20 Live Classes

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Live Classes Schedule:

Tuesday 30th May 07.30am – WEIGHTS AND PILATES

Saturday 3rd June 08.00am – TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING

Sunday 4th June 08.00am – WEIGHTS AND CARDIO

Monday 5th June 07.30am – MINI BALL WORKOUT

Tuesday 6th June 07.30am – PILATES STRENGTH

Wednesday 7th June 07.30am – WEIGHTS WORKOUT

Thursday 8th June 07.30am – BACK CARE AND STRETCH

Friday 9th June 07.30am – MINI BOOTCAMP

Monday 12th June 07.30am- LEGS, TUMS AND BUMS

Tuesday 13th June 07.30am – TOTAL STRETCH AND RELEASE

Wednesday 14th June 07.30am – EXPRESS PUMP

Thursday 15th June 07.30am – BALANCE PODS

Friday 16th June 07.30am – MINI BOOTCAMP

Monday 19th June 07.30am – WEIGHTS AND PILATES

Tuesday 20th June 07.30am – BACK CARE & STRETCH

Wednesday 21st June 07.30am – PUMP AND ABS

Thursday 22nd June 07.30am – MINI BALL

Friday 23rd June 07.30am – MINI BOOTCAMP

Monday 26th June 07.30am – LEGS TUMS AND BUMS

Tuesday 27th June 07.30am – WEIGHTS AND PILATES



In this group you will discover 'self-love' and 'self-care'.

You will find solutions to brain fog, fatigue and cranky behaviour.

You will have more energy and a more productive day!

You will have less bloating and inflammation and a clear plan going forward with your nutrition. Nutrition to feel well.

I cover a range of subjects from what to eat for better health, to hormones, mindset, inflammation, sleep, snacking, intermittent fasting, menopause and avoiding burnout.

You will have access to CALMING CLASSES to relax and unwind the mind and body and release stress and tension.

You will have access to Facebook Live Workouts which have been saved into the group.


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I cannot recommend this group highly enough. Nina is inspirational – her knowledge and experience, combined with her energetic and friendly delivery make you feel like you are a part of something very special. She makes you feel like you matter. There are exercise classes for every ability and the change in mindset towards living a healthy lifestyle are simple and easy to follow. There are chats during the week that help you stay on track as well as relaxing classes. The private Facebook page we are all a part of are brilliant – recipes, ideas, following what others have been doing, being an accountable part of the group all lead to real and sustainable results. Come and join us if you want to make a positive change to your lifestyle.
Lucy Ray

Wellness with Nina is sooo good. You can be trying to do the right thing to be healthy with exercise but this group has shown me that mind and body need to work together. Practical advice and easy tips about a range – sleep, food, and setting goals in a really supportive environment. Online friendly quick chats, sharing success and those days when it’s difficult to find your motivation. Quick wins. It really helps me to keep focused and positive.
Victoria Marshall

“I started my journey with Nina last year. My aim was to exercise consistently and try and eat more healthily. I didn’t want to lose a lot of weight, just tone up. 

All I can say is “Wow!”, if you stick to Nina’s formula and guidance the results speak for themselves.  By exercising little and often, together with eating the right healthy choices, I noticed a difference within the first month.

I feel more energised, my skin is better, I sleep better, just to name but a few positives. I have toned up and look leaner and feel stronger.

Advantages of the Wellness Group are that you are with a group of people who support and encourage each other, no matter what level they are at. We are all in it together! I have tried all the classes which are amazing. I love weights, Pilates and bootcamp.

Thanks to Nina and all her advice, knowledge and enthusiasm you can achieve your goals. I would recommend the classes to anyone!”

Suzanne Jones

I can highly recommend Nina’s fitness classes and wellness group.  I joined her midsection meltdown program in April 2020, which kickstarted me into a heathier way of living. The recipes were delicious and stopped my sugar cravings and it gave me the motivation to exercise regularly from home, as we were in lockdown.  

I joined the bootcamp sessions and developed a good exercise routine alongside healthy eating.  I lost weight, my body shaped changed and I toned up but best of all, I felt healthy and had more energy.  Nina’s exercise classes are varied and so it never gets boring.  I had never done weights or pilates before and thoroughly enjoy both as well as the HIIT, cardio, legs bums and tums etc. 
Nina’s wellness group is a real tonic and her chats are really motivational as is the support from other members of the group. It’s good to share our wins, and struggles, recipes and tips with one another. It helps to know we’re in it together and we all have good and bad days.  I am looking forward to being able to do face to face bootcamp alongside the online sessions.  Thanks for keeping me fit and sane through lockdown Nina! 
Paula Render

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