A 28 Day Full Course Total Body Reset Menopause Programme

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Monday 4th MARCH 2024

Are you Peri, Menopausal or Post Menopause? My Total Body Reset, MenoFit course is a 360 degree total body holistic approach to menopause. 

Would you like to lose weight?

Would you like your clothes to feel more comfortable?

Would you like to learn how to eat healthier without costing an arm and a leg?

Would you like to stop constantly snacking on things that you know are no good for you?

Would you like to have more energy?

Would you like to tone up and improve the texture of your skin?

Would you like to sleep better?

Would you like to reduce aches & pains and illnesses?

Would you like to feel more motivated?

Would you love to improve your Body Confidence?

Would you like help and guidance with the Peri, Menopause and beyond?

If the answer to any of these questions is Hell Yessss then we need to work together to achieve these results for you.

You need to book on my ‘Total Body Reset MenoFit Program’.

This programme is specifically for Midlife Women and is delivered online,  via my private Facebook group.

Preparation starts Sunday  3rd March 2024 so that I can get you in the right mindset and plan your  food and nutrition for the week ahead.

During the 28 day program we will look at:

Meno Symptoms

Daily Lifestyle

Healthy Habits


Stress and Emotional Eating,



Mid Section Meltdown

Tips to drastically improve sleep

Brainfog, Food & Mood.

Creating A Weightloss Blue Print.

Pelvic Health,

Joint Health

Exercise for Menopause

How To Put Everything Together for the Future

We will work together to overhaul your health and habits so that you can go through the menopause with confidence, feeling amazing about your body, full of energy and vitality!

In the private Facebook group, you will have the support of myself and like minded ladies. We are a thriving community! Come and join us!



“Just over a year ago I decided things needed to change due to so many menopause symptoms and health ailments. I was considering giving up work as I felt so awful everyday. Fast forward to now and Nina has literally transformed my life. With tiny steps and small lifestyle changes I have more energy, lost loads of weight, built up muscle and strength and feel fab in my fifties. Nina makes it so easy to achieve and is super supportive to keep you steadily moving along the path to feeling amazing. It really is achievable. A lifestyle that I love.
I kick myself that I didn’t find Nina sooner.”
Becky Cawley

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