MenoFit 7 Day Mini Taster Course

Menofit Mini Taster Course – 7 Days

If you’re struggling to manage Menopause weight gain, you don’t have to tackle it alone!
Mini Taster course – 7 Days £7

🌱Day 1: Nutrition 
What you should be eating to get rid of Menopause weight gain!
The stages and symptoms of Menopause

🌱 Day 2: Mindset and Hormones 
Hormones- An overview; which ones cause fat storage and what you can do about it! 
Mindset – it all starts in your head but if you’re menopausal, that once confident person may be a shadow of her former self with low confidence, low mood and anxiety! I can give you tips to relieve these debilitating symptoms! 

🌱 Day 3 Sleep Managemet 
Are you getting 7-9 hours uninterrupted sleep? I can improve your sleep quality so that you feel like you have more energy to tackle the day! 

🌱 Day 4: Pelvic and joint health – Are you one of the one in three ladies that struggles with pelvic floor issues and painful joints? I can help decrease your pain and improve your pelvic floor! 

🌱 Day 5: Stress Management
If you were once a confident, organised, successful woman but suddenly feel anxious, lack self-belief or have panic attacks, then I can help with these symptoms and decrease your stress hormones which are fat storing! 

🌱 Day 6: Food behaviours and Habit Stacking
Do you eat mindfully or have an awareness of how food makes you feel? 
Even in a calorie deficit not all food is created equally! Are you eating foods that leave you feeling bloated and low in energy? 

🌱 Day 7: How to stay on track at the end of your mini course
Your health going forward. You’ll have a new mindset and momentum from your mini course. 
How to ensure you keep getting results to relieve your debilitating symptoms!

😊 We start 5th – 12th February 2023 🤗
£7 for just 7 Days
💪🏻 Exercise is optional! Join one of my online groups for FREE for one week 💪🏻
🤗 I’ll help you all I can 🤗

🎉 Take back control over your health and wellness journey and learn how to feel fabulous and confident again! 🎉

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