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Free 10 Minute Workouts on my Facebook Business page – Busywomenfitness

⏰If you are short of time, try my free workouts that are just 10-15 minutes long⏰

🔥You’ll burn a ton of calories and they will set you up for the day! 🔥

😊Try and do them first thing in the morning so that you release those happy hormones called endorphins and the motivation hormone, serotonin. 
Together these hormones will make you feel good and and you’re more likely to have a productive day! 😊

Just head to my Busy Women Fitness Facebook page. 
Click ‘like’ 👍to receive notifications of my ‘live’ workouts and press ‘videos’ to view my workouts and they should just pop up! 💪🏻

Choose from:
Lift Light- Baby Weights
Express Weights Intermediate 
Pilates Strength 
Cardio – beginners 
Cardio – intermediate 
Back Care and Stretch 

There’s something for everyone! 

Do them in the comfort of your own home. You can even do them in your pyjamas! 

10 minutes is just 1% of your day so do your workout first thing then it’s over and done with as there will always be something else that crops up if you wait till later! 

If you need longer workouts, I go LIVE at 7.30am for 30 minutes. There’s a different session each day and 100’s are saved into the group for you to choose from. You can sign up for a week or a monthly membership at:

Hope to see you soon for a ‘live’ workout, but they are also available on catch up if you can’t join me at 8.00am. 

Wishing you health and happiness,

Nina Lancaster 

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