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28 day transformation


28 days of quick and easy-to-make fat loss recipes. 28 days of short, but effective workouts. The Online 28 Day Body Transformation Program Is Designed To Help You Begin Your Own Health & Wellness Journey, Leading To A Leaner, Fitter, More Energetic Confident You

– Educational books to retrain your brain and your body
– Calorie counted delicious recipes to keep you on track
– Macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbs) already calculated for you to take the guess work out of meal planning
– Fat Loss meals to shred those unwanted inches
– Short exercise workouts to tone and boost your metabolism
– Lasting, sustainable evidence based program

Plan, Support & Results.
Includes weekly coaching calls to check your goals and your progress


our most proven 7 day plan to help you
lose up to half a stone

This is a 7 Day Fast Track Program based on the science of eating whole, clean non-Inflammatory foods that react in the body to burn up fat and shrink inflammation in your mid-section. With the right foods fuelling your body, in combination with exercises that involve multiple muscle groups, you will achieve that mid-section meltdown. 
100% success rate!

This is not a faddy diet! You can eat pizza and chocolate and drink wine!

What’s Included:

7 Days of:
– Workouts targeting stubborn belly fat

– Meal Plans / Recipes

– Shopping Lists

– Nutrition advice

– Facebook lives for motivation

– Support

– Exercise

Failure is not an option!

Results based program


A Variety Of Easy To Make Meals

– Includes drinks, snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and dinner
– Daily Calories and macro breakdown included

3 Calorie Targets

– The meal plan is supplied to you as one ebook which contains the following daily calorie targets; 1400 / 1800 / 2200
– Guidance on how to increase daily calories beyond 2200 calories

Shopping Lists

– Weekly shopping lists included

7 Day Exercise Program

– Step by step effective home workouts
– Includes body weight exercises and dumbbell/weights workouts
– Helping you drop up to half a stone in just a week


for just £27

100 Fat Loss Recipes

our biggest and best-selling recipe book

100 Healthy Recipes

– Drinks, snacks / treats, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
– Calories and macro breakdowns included on all recipes pages
– Recipes fully phographed with before (ingredients) and after (finished recipe) pictures

Recipe Ingredient Education

– Education on some of the ingredients which are used in the recipes e.h. cooking oils and fats, sweeteners and store-cupboard items

An Educational Guide On Hormones

– Covers information on Insulin, Glucagon, Cortisol, Growth Hormones Testosterone, Oestrogen, Thyroid, Leptin, Ghrelin

A Handy Checklists

– We’ve highlighted some lower carb (non-training day) and higher carb (training day) recipes

Get The 100 Fat Loss Recipes E-Book Now

for just £14.97

Kick start vegan


our most proven 7 day vegan recipe and guide
book to help you lose up to half a stone

Flexible Meal Plans

– Enabling you to pick and choose your food each day from a selection of tasty meals
– Well balanced meals which include a good amount of protein
– Minimally processed ingredients and ‘real foods’ (avoiding overly processed vegan alternatives “Meats” & Cheese)
– Key nutrients included, such as vitamin B12, Omega-3, Calcium, Calcium & Zinc

Wide Range Of Calories

– The meal plan caters for a wide range of daily calorie targets from around 1200-2800 calories

7 Day Exercise Program

– Step by step effective home workouts
– Includes body weight exercises and dumbbell/weights workouts
– Helping you drop up to half a stone in just a week

Be part of an inspirational Facebook Live group where you will find 7 Days of ‘live’ exercise sessions to support your program. Upon payment you will receive details of the group.

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for just £27

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