Fusion Pilates and Yoga



YOGA FLOW –  A Vinyasa style of yoga that will strengthen and stretch; increase muscle tone and flexibility and bring calm into your day. Taught Facebook Live in the new Mind Body Online Studio, every Tuesday and Thursday at 07.00am

PILATES BACK CARE – A Fitness Pilates Workout that will mobilise, strengthen and stretch out your back and core muscles. It is great for releasing general aches and pains and tension.

TRIGGER POINT PILATES – This is a combination of Pilates Based Exercises combined with Myofascia Release (a release of the stiffness and tension in your muscles). This is a ‘therapy’ type of class which uses a foam roller, prickle balls, a bender ball and stretch band to release areas of soreness and tightness.

PILATES STRENGTH*- This is a Fitness Pilates challenging workout that uses a series of movements which concentrates on core, balance and posture, to strengthen the muscles in the body.

FUSION PILATES – This is a combination of movements and exercises from the three disciplines of Pilates Back Care, Trigger Point Pilates and Pilates Strength to work and ‘release’ the whole body.

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